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Today, businesses struggle with the problem of how to maintain the investment made in their software applications that were developed using PL/I and other “legacy” programming languages. Switching to newer programming languages can allow businesses to lower their maintenance / development costs while gaining access to newer technologies and larger pools of programming talent. Unfortunately, transitioning from one programming language to another is not trivial. Reengineering and manual rewrites can take years, consume large amounts of financial and manpower resources, and still result in lost/broken functionality. Datatek’s automated PL/I Conversion Service solves these problems.

Datatek Dramatically Reduces
Your Cost, Risk & Pain

Why a High Percentage of Automation Makes a Real Difference to You

Datatek achieves over 99% automation. This high rate of automatin translates in to qucker code turn around and a dramatically reduced work load for you staff.
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Datatek converts 100% of your code. For this particular project, 99.58% of the customer’s PL/I was converted by the automated converter and 0.42% manually. You will never receive partially converted code.

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Datatek Effectively Uses Automation to Reduce Your Cost, Risk & Pain

One of the primary advantages of automation is its ability to increase the speed and accuracy of a project by reducing the amount of manual conversion and qualification that needs to be done. Manual effort is by its very nature much more inconsistent and error prone than automation. Because some automated services and solutions only claim to be able to achieve 80-90% automation, they are not able to offer their clients the full benefits that Datatek can.

As you can see from the chart above, even at 90% automation there is still a significant amount of manual effort that is required during the Qualification and Acceptance phases of a project. Because Datatek routinely achieves over 99% automation, that manual effort Is significantly reduced.

Reducing the manual effort through a high level of automation has a number of benefits:

  • Testing and qualification time is reduced for each code merge.
  • Reduction of QA effort frees you and your staff to work on other projects.
  • Datatek can allow the customer to experiment with various solutions and see their effect and implication across the entire code base.

Datatek Customizes its Converter for Each and Every Client

Because we know from experience that no two PL/I applications are the same, Datatek customizes its converter for each and every client. We understand that your business has spent years developing and customizing your applications to address your company’s specific needs and processes. And because we understand how important this is to the success of the project, we customize our tools from top to bottom so that we can return converted code to you that is both accurate and maintainable.

“Generic” solutions can produce poor code which lacks a standard of maintainability. We have found that customers are much more satisfied receiving code in the form they want it in as opposed to being forced to take code in whatever form a generic solution provides it in.


Datatek Takes Responsibility to Ensure Your Success!

Migrations are difficult, they are inherently risky, and they require strong partnerships. It isn’t enough for a migration partner to just convert your code and then walk away, leaving you with the task of qualification as well as problem resolution, code modification, and cleanup.

This is why Datatek takes full responsibility for any problems found during testing. What’s more, Datatek integrates its conversion process into the testing of the code so that problems are found as early as possible, Datatek’s converter is modified to handle those problems, and the code is regenerated. By using this method, each problem found in one place is fixed and eliminated from the entire code base.

And this is just one example of how we help you to be successful. From our initial assessment of your code to the moment you are ready to deploy, to the support that we provide you post-cutover, Datatek will customize itself to your needs so that you get the maximum benefit from our services.


We Can Handle It

The following is just a brief list of some of the PL/I functionality that we are frequently asked if we can handle:

  • Resolution of non-fully qualified names
  • PL/I data types (BIT, VAR CHAR, DECIMAL, PIC, ENTRY, ...)
  • Storage classes (BASED, CONTROLLED, REFER, ...)
  • Scoping of variables
  • Internal procedures/functions
  • PL/I I/O (Stream, Record, ...)
  • Implicit data type conversions
  • Separating data declarations and code used in INCLUDE files
  • Array cross sections
  • Built-in functions/pseudovariables (SUBSTR, INDEX, UNSPEC, ...)
  • ON Units
  • Default attributes

We handle all aspects and features used in your application’s PL/I code and we convert it into consistent, maintainable code in the target language.

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