All Automated Solutions Are NOT Created Equal

5 Ways Datatek’s Automated Language Conversion Services
Will Benefit Your Company

I. Datatek Will Save You Time and Money

A project’s total cost is based on more than just the numbers in the contract. You have to commit time and resources, assign people to attend meetings and manage the project, test the converted code and you may need to retrain your people. Even with a fixed-cost contract, if the migration partner you choose is inefficient or if their processes do not mesh well with yours, then your costs keep climbing.

Datatek understands this and our processes are structured to reduce the actual time and cost of the conversion from beginning to end. From initial delivery of the converted code, to reducing testing time, to accommodating your business schedules, Datatek’s customized, automated language conversion and system migration services are designed to save you time and money while delivering a superior product.

II. Datatek Will Help You Make The Right Decision

When faced with the migration of your critical business applications from one language to another, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Your developers are worried about one thing, upper management is concerned about something else entirely, and then there are your customers. To make things worse, you have limited information, limited resources, and limited time.

Let Datatek help. Before a project even starts, Datatek can help you understand the problem, determine viable options, and fine-tune the solution. We can do this because we have over 15 years of conversion experience and know where many challenges lie. Our customized Project Assessment service, created out of this experience, can help you isolate components, determine applications or sub-applications that need to be replaced, converted, or rewritten, and help you develop a custom solution which enables you to accomplish your company’s goals.

III. Datatek Will Customize Its Processes to Meet Your Needs

Datatek knows from experience that no two conversions are the same. Your company has spent years developing and customizing its applications to address specific needs and processes. As part of this development cycle, you have created and applied corporate coding standards and practices of a unique nature.

This is why Datatek never performs generic conversions. Instead, Datatek offers solutions which are customized from top to bottom to deliver a final product which meets your needs and takes every relevant aspect of your business and your new environment into account.

You’ve spent significant time and money developing an application that is tailored to how you do business. We believe that you should choose a partner who will take you and your application just as seriously as you do.

IV. Datatek Will Deliver Maintainable Code

Maintainability matters. It really is that simple.

No one wants to receive converted source code that is hard to understand or that is difficult to maintain, which is exactly what you get with one-size-fits-all solutions. And the result: slower development cycles, increased costs and lost time. Datatek’s customized, automated conversion services produce good, clean, converted source code that conforms to your coding standards and that you believe is maintainable.

We have customers who have been running on Datatek-converted code for over 15 years and we’d like you to be able to do the same.

V. Datatek’s Projects are Successful

Technology is only one part of the equation. In every project there are limited resources and how you use those resources mark the difference between success and failure. That’s why a successful project is essentially a series of good decisions. Even if every migration provider had tools equivalent to Datatek’s (and they don’t), the best partner is the one who can consistently make good decisions at each and every step of the project. Our core team of engineers has worked together for over 15 years. Let us put our technology, breadth of experience and insight to work for you.

At the end of the day, success is what matters. Datatek has the experience and the track record to take you where you want to go.

Make an Informed Choice

Datatek has been in business since 1992 and we have converted and migrated over a hundred systems and code bases. In all that time, and over all of those projects, Datatek has achieved a success rate of over 96%. When you compare that to an industry success rate for system migration/conversion projects of between 20-40%1, you’ll understand why we’re confident that we can provide a successful solution for all your language conversion needs.

1 Based on data from the Robbins-Goia Survey, the Conference Board Survey, the KPMG Canada Survey, the CHAOS Report, the OASIS Survey, and Datatek’s own observations over 18 years of system migration work.

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