Twenty Questions Your Code Conversion Partner
Better Have a Good Answer For

  1. If you are manually converting the code, how many different programmers will be converting the code and how are you ensuring consistency and accuracy?
  2. If this is a manual conversion, how do you minimize the issue of bugs being introduced by each and every programmer, which will have to be found individually during testing?
  3. If you are automatically converting the code, what percentage is automated and what percentage is manual?
  4. Our programmers still need to make modifications to our code in order to support ongoing business requirements. Is there a “code freeze” and how long is it?
  5. When we receive the converted code back from you, are we required to make any changes in order for it to be functional?
  6. Is the converted code guaranteed to compile?
  7. Once the code compiles, do you just hand responsibility over to us or are you responsible for problems found during testing?
  8. What are we, the customer, specifically responsible for during the conversion project?
  9. Can our coding standards be applied to the converted code?
  10. What kinds of customizations can we make to the converted code?
  11. How maintainable is the converted code? How long have other customers stayed on code you have converted for them?
  12. What happens if we don’t like how certain pieces of the code got converted?
  13. What happens if our code inadvertently makes use of undocumented features? Will you support that functionality?
  14. What happens if we have existing bugs in our code that run fine on our current platform (such as uninitialized variables). Are you responsible for making sure that everything works like it did on the old platform?
  15. Can we get a fixed price contract for the conversion?
  16. Are there any runtime charges for any support code and/or libraries you supply? Do we have ownership rights to this code?
  17. How are we charged if we miss giving you a file after you have already started the conversion?
  18. How long does the conversion take?
  19. What type of guarantees do you provide?
  20. How long have you been doing code conversions?

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